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Service Depot Model W

organize without additional personnel deployment

Your plus

in safety

Modell W-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme_eService Depot Model W.jpg


With the Service Depot, you offer your dealership's customers a very special service. Customers can bring or pick up their vehicles for maintenance and repair outside business hours, while keeping their vehicle keys and documents safe. Your employees organize the repair vehicles and loaner cars without additional staff deployment.

Despite all the security, user-friendliness is not neglected: User guidance is convenient via a 5-inch touch screen, and all openings and collections can be tracked via an archive function.


  • Conveniently programmable via web interface (tablet and smartphone) Network and W-LAN

  • Payment function

  • Convenient management software and electronics

  • Preparation for video surveillance of the door

Design & Function

  • Version in 3 mm stainless steel

  • Output 24-fold

  • Compact design, weight: approx. 160 kg

  • External dimensions: 1660 x 650 x 450 mm (HxWxD)

  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

  • Code memory function in case of power failure

  • Locking function in case of several failed attempts

  • Compartment size for DIN long (110 x 220 mm) envelopes

  • Double-bit security lock

Safety note


Please consult your insurance company regarding the exact installation, set-up and insurance sum. In case of an existing alarm system, we recommend using the corresponding door contact and to have the connection carried out by the contracting company.

Assembly note


The depot is made of painted stainless steel (RAL 9006). Nevertheless, it should be installed protected from weather and moisture, otherwise no warranty can be given against corrosion and inoperability.

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