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Kniggendorf - That's us!

Security systems and metal working in the 5th generation

When Tradition Meets Modern Technology

In 1862 Johann Georg Schnath founded the G. Schnath Lampen- u. Blechwaren-Fabrik and thus laid the foundation for our family business. Today, the siblings Cathrin Kalthoff and Frederik Otto run the Kniggendorf company. With their 30-strong team, the two continue what has been the hallmark of Kniggendorf for generations:

Keeping an ear to the market, driving innovation and anticipating what our customers want.

Today, the company is based on three pillars: security systems, metal processing and our mailboxes and parcel boxes.

The latter were born from an idea of the senior boss, Wilfried Otto. In 2006, he had privately designed a bright pink pig for himself out of joy in metalworking. Apart from the entertainment value, our animal mailboxes and the modern parcel boxes are now technically mature and are full of know-how of the Kniggendorf team, from the painting to the lock.

However, our core business continues to be security systems and metalworking.

In the field of metal working, we have mastered all the processes and the most diverse production requirements that our customers in the automotive, security and hygiene sectors place on us every day.

You want more than "just" metal?

Very good! We like to think outside the box and rely, among other things, on close cooperation with innovative plastics processors to complement our metal goods in this area.

But our security systems are also growing with the demands of today's world. Whether key management systems, safes or our "Pay & Key" system: Kniggendorf ensures smooth processes at the highest technical level, e.g., in hotels, car dealerships and for care services.

Since 2010 our products are also available abroad. Kniggendorf now has partnerships in 13 countries, including Scandinavia, the Baltic States, England, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Convince yourself of our boundless enthusiasm for what we do and discuss your request with us. We love challenges!

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