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Precision in device and housing construction

- from prototype to series production -

In the subcontracting sector, we manufacture all conceivable metallic stamped, drawn and bent parts for the processing machine and plant engineering industry. This also includes primary assembly into semi-finished products. Delivery: just in time. We can adapt the quantity of our workpieces to your requirements. From prototype to series production, everything is possible with us in metal processing.

Among other things, we use modern laser cutting to process steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The precise laser ensures high-quality edges and allows us to cut even complex and filigree contours as smoothly as burr-free. In addition, we cooperate with innovative plastics processors who complement our metal processing perfectly.

Our Promise of Quality

We have extremely high standards for the products we manufacture. Accuracy is paramount in the manufacture of our workpieces. From initial design to shipment, every step takes place in-house at Kniggendorf and is embedded in proven processes.

All parts, equipment and enclosures must pass a demanding final quality inspection before they are allowed to leave our premises. Our customers can count on that.

We work for companies in the hygiene industry, the security industry and the automotive industry, among others. But also bowling alleys and acoustic accessories rely on metal processing from Kniggendorf.

Kniggendorf-Metallverarbeitung-Metalworking-Our Promise of Quality
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Devices of Any Specifications


You have an idea in mind, a drawing or a sample? Then we sit down together, plan and realize your wish. Our CNC-controlled machinery allows individual device construction from single pieces to large series.

We manufacture your devices in all desired metallic materials, including surface finishing. We also fulfill complicated detail requirements exactly according to given specifications. Our basis is design by means of CAD system, underpinned by decades of experience.

Customized Metal Housing

Thanks to our own developments, especially for the security industry, we also have extensive experience in enclosure construction. Among other things, we produce high-quality insert cassettes for lockers to match modern locker systems.

We manufacture housings according to your specifications. The final assembly of electronic components is also carried out in our company. And if you wish, we can finish the enclosures with our powder coating.

Metallverarbeitung-Geraete-und-Gehaeusebau-Kniggendorf-Customized Metal Housing.webp

The Powder Coating


We work with the Tribo and Corona processes. All parts are always automatically pretreated at our plant to ensure reliable adhesion of the coating powder. The automatically controlled powder plant enables us to process small and large series of the most varied shapes and sizes. If the geometry of the parts to be coated is complicated, our powder robot is used. It works cleanly and reliably even in hard-to-reach places.

Get to know us and get an idea of how we can support you in metal construction.


Over 160 years of quality and innovation


 High-quality products and continuous development have a long tradition with us. For over 160 years, we have guaranteed the safety of our customers.

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