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Kniggendorf-Service Depot Model F

Service Depot Model F

The ideal 24-hour solution

Die ideale


Modell F-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme.webp

Since cost-intensive late-night staff services rarely pay off, the customer often stands outside the door and throws the key through the mail slot, associated with a high risk of theft. Model F offers you the best service even after business hours.

Customers bring their vehicles in the evening or at the weekend, just as their personal time permits.

bring service depot

The keys of the repair or maintenance vehicle are deposited in the bring service depot, where they are kept securely until they are removed by staff.


  • Finish: all sides 3 mm stainless steel powder coated in RAL 7016

  • Surface mounting

  • Double-bit safety bascule lock with three-sided security

  • Outside dimensions: 420x 350 x 180 mm (HxWxD)

  • Fixing points Ø = 12 mm



You, on the other hand, have the invaluable advantage of not having to wait for customers after hours.

When the vehicle is ready to be picked up, you simply send your customers a specified numerical code by e-mail. Your customers then enter this code directly at the system during pickup and remove their vehicle or card key.

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