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MST-Kniggendorf-Schlüssel-Tresor-Key Safe MST 1.webp

Key Safe MST 1

for car dealerships, garages and car rental companies

The ideal


MST_Schlüsseltresor-Kniggendorf-Key Safe MST 1-.webp

In car dealerships, car workshops and car rentals, the secure storage of car keys plays an important role. The MST1 key safe complies with the specifications of European insurers and offers guaranteed security for the deposit and safekeeping of your valuable keys.


  • Resistance grade 1 according to EN 1143-1

  • Certified by ECB-S and VdS

  • Strong design with defined burglary protection of 30/50 RU* against burglary attempts with mechanical and thermal tools.

    * RU = Resistant Unit - partial access/full access.

Fire protection

  • Door and wall filled with heat-resistant insulating compound according to DIN 4102

  • All-round fire rebate

  • Protection against light fires

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Design type

  • Door double-walled, 87 mm thick, door leaf made of 10 mm steel;

  • Housing double-walled with special reinforcement

  • Bushing in the base for anchoring as standard

  • With single-walled base, the safe must be anchored in the wall via an additional bushing, otherwise it will lose certification.

  • Cabinets with up to 300 key hooks


  • Strong round bolt central locking mechanism with double-bit security lock (lock class 1 according to EN 1300)

  • 2 keys (90 mm) as standard



  • Light gray, RAL 7035


against surcharge

  • ZKS combination lock, instead of the standard double-bit lock, recessed

  • EZ Bas. electronic combination lock, recessed

  • ZKS combination lock, in addition to the standard double-bit lock, countersunk

  • Double lock (2 double-bit locks)

  • base (closed), up to 900 mm height; welded or screwed

  • Special painting according to RAL color shades

  • Additional socket for anchoring according to position specification, Ø = 13 mm

  • Special dowel for fixing in concrete floor B25, Ø = 12 mm; length = 185 mm

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