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Schlüssel-übergabe- System SAS 8 1-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme-Key Handover System SAS 8.webp

Key Handover System SAS 8

for car dealerships, garages and rental car companies.

Article No. 10397

The ideal

24-hour solution!

Schlüssel-übergabe- System SAS 8-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme-Key Handover System SAS 8.webp


The new key handover system allows you to offer your customers a very special service: Collection of the vehicle whenever it suits your customers' schedule. From now on, the handover of vehicle keys is no longer tied to your company's opening hours. Instead, your customers can pick up their vehicle at their convenience around the clock in the future without any hassle.


The ideal 24-hour solution

You, on the other hand, have the invaluable advantage of no longer having to wait for customers after work. When the vehicle is ready to be picked up, you simply transmit a predefined numerical code to your customers, whether by phone, email or SMS.

Your customers then enter this code directly into the key-issuing system at pickup and remove their vehicle or card key. SMS. The customer enters the code directly into the key-issuing system and removes their vehicle or card key.

Your competitive advantage

To ensure that the customer remains mobile, a rental car can be alternately received or returned for the repair period at the same time as a vehicle is brought and collected.

The key is handed over after the personal security code has been entered.

Safe housing

  • Execution: 3 mm brushed stainless steel on all sides, front 6 mm

  • 4-line display and keypad vandal-proof

  • Surface mounting

  • Output 8x, upgradable max.15x

  • Issue for keys and key cards

  • Output tray tamper proof

  • Double-bit security bascule lock with three-sided security

  • External dimensions: 477 x 690 x 190 mm (HxWxD)


  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

  • Magnets 12V

  • Control part: microprocessor EEPROM

  • Display Alternating bilingual display

  • Selection of all common European languages

  • Code memory function in case of power failure

  • Detectability of openings

  • Locking function in case of failed openings

  • Total weight approx. 50 kg

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