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Mini QR Tast-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme-Key Handover System Model MINI.webp

Key Handover System Model MINI

for hotels, boarding houses and guest houses.

Article No. 10510 | 10511

Your guests

are no longer bound!

Mini Qr-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitssysteme-Key Handover System Model MINI.webp


The new key handover system model "MINI" offers your guests a very special service: The arrival of the guests is from now on no longer bound to the reception or opening hours of your house. Your guests can arrive at their convenience around the clock.

The ideal 24h solution

Online programming allows the owner of the system to remotely generate time-sensitive codes for the installed systems. The feature is activated via a web-based application prior to dispatch to the remote location. This feature is typically used to issue codes to travelers, guests, or service providers. The automatically generated codes are emailed to any email account via a password-protected web interface.

Modern technology

  • Optionally with QR code reader or keyboard

  • Code assignment via tablet/mobile phone/PC

  • No power supply Power supply via AA batteries

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • No internet connection required

  • PINs can be sent to email addresses via web interface, either as QR code graphic or PIN.

  • Flexible validity period of PINs from 1h up to 4 weeks

Safe housing

  • Gehäuse zur Wandmontage

  • Befestigungspunkte Ø = 10 mm

  • Ausführung allseitig 3 mm Edelstahl Lackiert RAL 9006

  • Ausgabe für Schlüssel und Schlüsselkarten

  • Außenmaße in mm ca. 213 x 140 x 80 mm (HxBxT)

  • Fachgröße in mm ca.110 x 120 x 40 mm (HxBxT)

  • Gewicht ca. 3,5 kg

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