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Climate protection, quality and consistency: sustainability at Kniggendorf


Everyone is talking about sustainability - so are we! As multifaceted as the term and its meanings are, so are our own measures and activities at Kniggendorf. We take the principle that no more should be consumed than can be regenerated and made available again in the future very seriously and already implement it in various ways. But we want even more, and right now we are taking another important step. However, we are not only sustainable in ecological matters, but also in product development, in our relationships with customers and partners, and in our dealings with our employees. But one after the other...

Insulation and Solar Power

We are currently renewing the roof of our production hall in Laatzen, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, thus creating significantly more energy efficiency. In addition, a modern photovoltaic system is being installed on the new roof, which will enable us to supply around a third of our machinery with electricity in the future. We are also currently developing a new concept to reduce electricity consumption in our production operations. This includes, for example, staggered start-ups and more economical operation of our machines. This is a long-cherished plan that has now become even more important. Hall lighting and investments in lower-energy machines are also part of the plan. Furthermore, we are gradually replacing our vehicles with hybrid models.

Durability thanks to quality and innovation

Kniggendorf stands for quality and durable products. From initial design to shipping, every step takes place in-house and is embedded in proven processes that have grown over decades. What leaves our factory floor stands up to the highest demands - and at the same time fulfills many different customer requirements. We have our ear to the market and know what our customers want. In this way, we also ensure sustainability: Because what is good and can be used precisely will also be used for a long time! We always focus on innovation and continue to develop existing products to make them even better. One example: After the start of the Corona pandemic, we retrofitted our key dispensers and made it possible to open them using a QR code to avoid touching the touchscreen.

Satisfied customers

All of this has led to numerous long-term customer relationships, some of which have existed for decades - both in metal processing and in safety systems. Another example of sustainability that we at Kniggendorf are proud of. And new customers are constantly being added, to whom we offer the basis for lasting business relationships thanks to our diverse and high-quality makes and security systems.

Sales partners in 13 countries

By the way, the cooperation with our international sales partners is also constant. They sell Kniggendorf's products in 13 countries by now, namely Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. With the first of them, the cooperation began decades ago - it still exists today. Our most recent partner, on the other hand, joined us only recently. We look forward to a prosperous future together.

Our employees: come to stay

But it is not only with our customers and partners that we value lasting working relationships, but also with our employees. Some of them have been working at Kniggendorf for decades - there are even several generations of the same family among our employees. In addition, we always strive to keep our apprentices working in the plant area after their apprenticeship ends. Employee satisfaction and a positive working atmosphere are very important to us. In addition, an innovative employee portal gives us the opportunity to make attractive offers to colleagues, such as leasing a bicycle, which is gladly accepted.

160 years speak for themselves

And last but not least, Kniggendorf itself is perhaps the best example of sustainability, with a company history that now spans 160 years. For a long time now, we have successfully combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, always remaining innovative and striving to help our customers. And we do this every day anew with great enthusiasm and the firm goal of continuing to work successfully with our customers, partners and employees in the future.

Convince yourself of our qualities and work with us - preferably for a long time!


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