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Pay & Key - Payment Systems

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Payment transactions


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With Pay and Key, we offer hotels and guesthouses an excellent solution to simplify payment transactions with their customers and guests.

The 'Pay and Key' payment service acts as an interface between service provider and customer. Here, smooth money and key transfer is ensured.

Do you know the situation?

The customer wants to pick up the car after office hours. And you want to be sure that the customer has paid his bill and is picking up the right car. Now you can annoy your customer and push him to office hours or hire staff and introduce extended pick-up times.

This doesn't have to be the case!

With our key box and Pay and Key service, you solve the task efficiently and with minimal costs.

How can this work?


Use our electronic key depot and deposit the car keys that are to be collected there. Enter the key box and the billing data in our portal.

We will take care of everything else!

The customer receives a mail with a payment link.

Via the link in the mail, he can easily pay online (PayPal, credit card, direct debit, invoice). All invoice data are stored. He immediately receives a payment confirmation.

After the payment confirmation he receives another mail with the collection data and a PIN for his key. He can now pick up his car very flexibly, independent of your office hours. And they have your money safely on your PayPal account.

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