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Faecherdepot-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitstechnik-Compartment Depot Indoor Model H.webp

Compartment Depot Indoor
Model H

Service depot for car dealerships and garages


Ease of use

Faecherdepot-Kniggendorf-Sicherheitstechnik--Compartment Depot Indoor Model H.webp

With this service depot, you offer the customers of your car workshop or your car rental company a very special service. Customers can bring or pick up their vehicles for maintenance and repair without any waiting time, while keeping their vehicle keys and documents safe.


Your employees organize the repair vehicles and loaner cars without additional personnel deployment.

Despite all the security, user-friendliness is not neglected: User guidance is convenient via a 12-inch touch screen, and all openings and collections can be tracked via an archive function.

Modern technology

  • 12.1 inch large touch screen

  • 12 compartments for controlled removal/return of keys or cards

  • Event log with over 60,000 entries

  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

  • Code memory function in case of power failure

  • Verifiability of opening

  • Locking function in case of failed attempts

  • Language selection: all common European languages


  • Conveniently programmable via web interface

  • (tablet and smartphone) network and W-LAN

  • Payment function

  • Convenient management software and electronics

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