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Digital Menu Solution

for hotels and guesthouses

The proper



No more spending on sign making, printing, signs or spelling mistakes! Instead, you benefit from advertising partners who share the costs.

Our offer includes a software solution that enables much more than just the digitization of notices or menus in showcases.


With our software, you have the option of printing out your menus locally at any time and automatically publishing them on a website. This saves you time, reduces stress and cuts costs. In addition, the annoying questions about the procedure are no longer necessary.

Digital menu software


The use of software for digital menus offers numerous advantages and added values. By digitizing your menu, your outdoor area becomes an eye-catcher!

What can the software do?

  • With the ability to make changes quickly, you can easily update the menu and be instantly up-to-date.

  • The software runs reliably and is packaged in a weatherproof housing so that it is always available.

  • Operation is simple and intuitive, with no superfluous frills or extensive instruction.

  • You can present your notices, promotions and menus with attractive images to whet the appetite of your guests.

  • Of course, the software should also advertise attractively for the gastronomy!

Those would be the essential basic functions! Changes are made digitally and automatically.

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