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bring Service Depot Class B

Save costs - invest in customer service

The bring service depot

smarter than the thief.

Kniggendorf-bring Service Depot Class B

Since cost-intensive late-night services by employees rarely pay off, the customer often stands outside the door and throws the key and the vehicle documents through the mail slot - associated with a high risk of theft.

The bring Service Depot offers optimum service even after business hours. Customers bring their vehicles in the evening or at the weekend, just as their personal time permits.

Save costs - invest in customer service.

Cost-intensive late-night employee services rarely pay off. That's why a service customer may stand in front of a locked door and throw the vehicle key plus papers through the mail slot. This is associated with a high risk of theft.

The bring ServiceDepot is smarter than the thief.

At the same time, it offers the dealership or workshop optimal service options, even after hours:

The customer can bring his vehicle when he wants, even in the evening, at night or on weekends. The keys and vehicle documents of the repair or maintenance vehicle are deposited in the bring ServiceDepot together with the order and are guaranteed to be kept there securely until they are removed by the staff.

Technical specifications

  • Security level B according to VDMA 24992 (status 05/95)

  • double-walled special construction on all sides; Door 80 mm thick, door leaf 10 mm, with external flap hinges, door stop on the right

  • Lock with round bolt central bolt system, double-bit security lock VdS class 1, double key as standard

  • Burglary protection: smooth casing that offers no points of attack; Protected in the lock and bolt work by a drill-proof plate

  • additional safety thanks to a return lock with serrated plate and curtain

  • Fire safety: Door and double wall protected by highly fire-resistant insulating compound according to DIN 4102, all-round fire fold

  • Push-button key acceptance including storage compartment for order envelopes in DIN C5 format

  • prepared for wall installation 300 mm, shaft length approx. 310 mm

  • External dimensions 700 x 600 x 500 (HxWxD)

  • Painted light gray RAL 7035

  • Weight approx. 150 kg


Agains surcharge

  • Base closed all around, made of tubular steel, external dimensions 330 x 600 x 500 (HxWxD)

  • Base cabinet manufactured according to security level B, VDMA 24992 (status 05/95) external dimensions 500 x 600 x 500 (HxWxD), double-bit security lock VdS class 1, double key as standard

  • Depot and base cabinet can be prepared for wall or floor mounting

  • anchoring material

  • Weight increase 300 kg

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